Easy Piano Chords For Beginners

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The piano is a very versatile instrument – it allows you to play almost an entire orchestra with just two hands. If you’re familiar with Skoove’s courses, you’ll notice that in the Beginner Courses we emphasize playing the melody with the right hand while accompanying the bass notes on the left hand. This is because […]

Midemlab 2018 – Skoove Selected as Finalist!

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  With hundreds of Summertime festivals and conferences just around the corner, Skoove is gearing up to make several appearances at some of Europe’s finest. We are thrilled to announce that Skoove was just selected as a finalist for the 11th annual Midemlab Startup Competition!     Focusing on the most promising international music startups, […]

The Ultimate Guide To Playing The Piano

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Playing piano may have been a privilege for the well-off aristocrats in the past, but nowadays it is a completely different story. You still need the instrument, of course, but it is a lot easier to find a good mentor who will show you the ropes, even a virtual one! The internet offers a vast […]

Easy Piano Songs For Beginners

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Here at Skoove, we’re releasing new songs for you to play every month and the list is growing and growing! Have a look at the long list of songs we have for beginners:   For those who are wondering which songs to begin with or which songs are suited for your level, let me give […]

Chords & Scales

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Recently, we released the exciting new course “Chords and Scales” to add a different dimension to our ever-expanding courses. With this course, you will learn how to accompany many songs with chords and even improvise and create your own music using beautifully sounding scales. So, what are Chords and Scales? Before you venture into the […]

Getting Ahead During Christmas Season

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It’s holiday season again, a good time to look back on the progress you made this year and set new goals for next year. It’s the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends, play the songs they love and show off your progress! No matter your level or experience as a piano learner, there’s […]

How To Recognize Notes Quicker

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Playing the piano, just like any other instruments, involves reading notes off the score.  Inevitably, the quicker you recognize which note to play and which key to press on the piano, quicker you get to play music.  That’s obvious right? At Skoove, you will find a practical course on this subject.  Beginner Theory I – […]

6 Tips To Start Playing Piano Before An Audience

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How does it make you feel if someone you know asked you to play the piano in front of a group of people?  Does the thought of it makes your hands start shaking and sweat start running down your back?   Be assured.  It’s very normal and you’re not alone.  It proves that you are […]

The Art of Practicing

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Some people practice their instruments for long hours each day, and some practice only 20 minutes a few times a week.  Does this mean those who practice for hours are guaranteed to get better faster? Not necessarily.  In fact, how long you practice has little to do with how much progress you make.  Any great […]