Why every DJ or Producer should learn to play piano.

If you have tickets for Tomorrowland in Belgium, you must be counting the days.  Since 2005, Tomorrowland has gathered the best EDM DJs on stage to create a festival with unparalleled energy. But how do all these producers become worthy of taking the stage at such an epic event? Yielding from all corners of the […]

Technical warm-up exercises for piano.

When sitting down at the piano for a practice session, it can be really tempting to just jump straight into practicing the new song you’ve been working on. And of course, having that kind of enthusiasm to complete a song is really great. But as pianists, we should always try to start each practice session […]

Why The Beatles’ songs are the most covered ever.

Most of you are familiar with the moving tune and words of The Beatles song “Yesterday”. Some of you may even have plans to watch the newly released movie of the same name, directed by Danny Boyle. The movie features an alternate, and frankly unimaginable, timeline in which nobody but one man in the universe […]

Playing with both hands: improving piano hand coordination.

When you first begin to learn the piano, you’ll probably start off with a few easy and popular tunes using only the right hand. However, as you progress, you’ll start to find that most songs require you to play with both hands at the same time. This can be really challenging and at times even […]

What impact can Avicii’s legacy have on aspiring musicians?

As the release of Avicii’s posthumous album on June 6th approaches, fans have scoured the Internet for hints about the album’s contents while “SOS”, the album’s first single, pulses in the background on repeat. The artist’s death last spring rattled the EDM community and his works ranging from “Levels” to “Lonely Together” are no less […]

Why Elton John is a pop music legend.

If you are as excited to watch Rocketman in theaters as we are, you probably know that the Elton John biopic will be released on May 31st. The film will not only offer insights into Elton John’s life and work, but also delve into why he yielded so much success throughout his career.  And just like […]

Five famous piano pieces from movies and series you love.

With the Cannes Film Festival in full swing, we wanted to celebrate a few popular tunes that you can learn to play on Skoove.  Whether you’re just beginning with us or further along, we know you will enjoy delving into famous film music featuring the piano and sharing it with the film buffs in your […]

Learning piano as an adult – why it’s never too late.

Throughout my life as a pianist, I have always received praise and admiration from those around me. Uncles, aunties, and friends of my parents tell me how much they wished they’d learnt the piano, but always talk as though it is too late to learn. Of course, this idea that it’s “too late” to learn […]