Why are Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy considered geniuses on piano?

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  Many factors contribute to our impressions of the giants of classical music. Consider Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy. They have been immortalised in media, their music and influence are great. But what did music mean to them? And what can this teach us about our own musicianship?   Mozart (1756 – 1791) Mozart was born […]

How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano?

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piano lessons

This brilliant question suggests a learner who has ambition and goals. If you are asking: “How long does it take to learn piano?”, you are on the right track. Successful pianists share four important characteristics, they are:         Ambitious       Curious       Ready for a healthy dose of challenge […]

Understanding piano scales: major, minor and blues scales

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piano scales

Piano scales are a ‘key’ part of developing your playing skills. If you have ever wondered why pianists play them, how they work and what the benefits are then you are in the right place. With a simple formula you will learn to play major, minor and blues scales. Soon you will be experiencing the […]

The importance of practicing piano with metronome

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piano metronome

You know that little wooden gadget that sits by the piano that’s called a metronome? It’s one of the most valuable practice tools available to you as a pianist. A piano metronome produces a steady pulse, which will help you to “stay in time” when playing. The pulse can also be sped up or slowed […]

Classical piano vs Pop piano: What are the benefits?

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Classical piano vs Pop piano

Classical piano vs pop piano? When talking about your piano playing the simple answer is, have fun with both. Greater variety gives more chances to link up all the fascinating and intricate elements of making music.  To put it into perspective, Mozart did not sit down and decide to write a piece of “classical music”. […]

Benefits of piano playing for the brain

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benefits of piano playing for the brain

The many benefits of piano playing for the brain impact all aspects of life. Music has been part of human culture for thousands of years. The oldest instruments to be discovered date back 40,000 years. Music is central to our life because of its unique, positive effects on the individual and the group. You may […]

Famous movie soundtracks to play on piano

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Famous movie soundtracks

Famous movie soundtracks provide some of the best music to play and to learn from. They are easily recognizable and wow your audience. But there is more. They evoke the emotions of the movie and tell you more of what’s going on in the plot than visuals or words could do. Also you are transported […]

Play by ear – playing piano without reading notes

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Play by ear

Do you rather play by ear or do you prefer to sight-read when playing piano? The piano is a beautifully expressive instrument with two huge benefits. One, you can simply sit down and play. There is no need to spend weeks learning to make a note (think violin or clarinet). Two, it provides both melody […]

Rest symbols and why silence in music is so important

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Why silence in music is important

Do you know how to identify rest symbols when reading music? When listening to music, you probably never notice all the moments of silence. Your ear is more focused on the things happening in the song, such as the lyrics, or a really catchy melody. But actually, silence is just as important as sound. Silence […]

How to play chord progressions on piano

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How to play chord progressions on piano

Have you ever listened to a song and been amazed by how the chords and harmonies change and develop to form something really beautiful? In music, we call this a chord progression, which means to play a series of chords in a particular order.In this post we are going to discover some different types of chords, […]