Five famous piano pieces from movies and series you love.

With the Cannes Film Festival in full swing, we wanted to celebrate a few popular tunes that you can learn to play on Skoove.  Whether you’re just beginning with us or further along, we know you will enjoy delving into famous film music featuring the piano and sharing it with the film buffs in your […]

Learning piano as an adult – why it’s never too late.

Throughout my life as a pianist, I have always received praise and admiration from those around me. Uncles, aunties, and friends of my parents tell me how much they wished they’d learnt the piano, but always talk as though it is too late to learn. Of course, this idea that it’s “too late” to learn […]

We got new funding!

We are happy to announce that we recently secured a €3M investment. This round will be helpful in further developing Skoove and to make our interactive online piano learning an even better experience!   Our co-founder and CEO Florian Plenge explains that “With this new investment we are excited to take the next step in […]

💡 TRICKS & TIPS – Create your own intro to almost any song

This month the ‘King Of Pop’, Michael Jackson, would have become 60 years of age. Dearly missed, not only his fans will remember and celebrate his outstanding talent on this occasion. We at Skoove honour Michael with an arrangement of one of his super hits: Heal the World. In this blog I will teach you […]

How To Create Your Own Version OF Hey Jude by The Beatles

Incredible! It was fifty years ago this month that the Beatles released their long standing #1 hit ‘Hey Jude’. With over 7 minutes playtime it is the ‘longest’ single ever topping the US and UK charts. Even though this success is already half a century old, the song has never lost its popularity. Moreover, it […]

Easy Piano Chords For Beginners

The piano is a very versatile instrument – it allows you to play almost an entire orchestra with just two hands. If you’re familiar with Skoove’s courses, you’ll notice that in the Beginner Courses we emphasize playing the melody with the right hand while accompanying the bass notes on the left hand. This is because […]

Midemlab 2018 – Skoove Selected as Finalist!

  With hundreds of Summertime festivals and conferences just around the corner, Skoove is gearing up to make several appearances at some of Europe’s finest. We are thrilled to announce that Skoove was just selected as a finalist for the 11th annual Midemlab Startup Competition!     Focusing on the most promising international music startups, […]

The Ultimate Guide To Playing The Piano

Playing piano may have been a privilege for the well-off aristocrats in the past, but nowadays it is a completely different story. You still need the instrument, of course, but it is a lot easier to find a good mentor who will show you the ropes, even a virtual one! The internet offers a vast […]