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Top 8 best Kawai digital pianos of 2024

best Kawai digital pianos

Kawai, a brand that’s become synonymous with reliability, elegance, and innovation. When you think of top-tier keyboards that stand head and shoulders above the rest, Kawai’s name inevitably pops up. But why is that? What’s the buzz all about?

For starters, Kawai keyboards manage to strike that elusive balance between cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship. Their instruments deliver an authentic sound, mimicking the deep, resonant notes of a grand piano, and are embedded with features catering specifically to both novice and seasoned pianists.

Best Kawai keyboards

Through the years, Kawai pioneered various technological advancements, introducing materials and designs that elevated the piano-playing experience. Their keyboards are celebrated not just for their sound but for their touch. Features such as the Grand Feel Pedal System and Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kawai’s innovative prowess.

Skoove’s piano learning app pairs wonderfully with Kawai keyboards, offering lessons that cater to your personal growth while emphasizing the joy of music. And if you’re up for some personal touch, don’t forget Skoove also offers 1-1 live learning lessons, helping you master the nuances and subtleties that Kawai keyboards bring to the table.

1. Kawai MP-7 SE – The performer’s delight


Kawai MP-7 SE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

The Kawai MP-7 SE isn’t just a keyboard; it’s a testament to excellence in musical engineering. Suited for both the enthusiastic novice and the seasoned maestro, it promises to deliver unparalleled performance every time.

Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, ensuring a full range of tonal possibilities.
  • Presets: From classic grand piano timbres to contemporary sounds, it’s a world of auditory delight.
  • Compatibility: Tailored for a broad spectrum of operating systems, from Windows to MacOS.
  • Switches: Engineered with precision-responsive hammer action for an authentic piano touch.

The charm of the Kawai MP-7 SE lies in its intricate details. From the Kawai MP-7 SE keybed design, reflecting meticulous craftsmanship, to its versatile presets capturing the essence of multiple musical worlds, it’s clear that this keyboard is a product of passion. Each note you play echoes with authenticity, thanks to the real feel of its 88 keys. Its broad compatibility spectrum ensures a hassle-free interface with your preferred OS, while the hammer action switches replicate the grandeur of a real piano.

2. Kawai ES120 – The digital maestro’s dream machine

Kawai ES120

Kawai ES120 88-Key Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

Step into a world where digital precision meets piano grandeur. The Kawai ES120 is an experience waiting to unfold, crafted for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, offering a full-range piano experience.
  • Presets: A myriad of lifelike instrument sounds, from the deep tones of grand pianos to the vibrant energy of best electric keyboards.
  • Compatibility: Flexible integration across numerous operating systems, including Windows and MacOS.
  • Switches: Advanced responsive hammer action, designed to bring every keystroke to life.

The allure of the Kawai ES120 lies not just in its sleek design but deep within its core. Boasting an impressive 88-key range, it’s crafted to captivate the soul of every pianist. Its varied presets, whether you’re seeking the sonorous notes of a concert grand or the electrifying beats of a modern keyboard, serve a vast palate of musical tastes. But what truly sets it apart is its seamless compatibility across devices, ensuring that your music remains as mobile and versatile as you. The meticulously designed switches, imbued with responsive hammer action, promise to deliver an experience akin to playing on an acoustic piano.

3. Kawai ES520 – Unveiling the future of digital soundscapes

Kawai ES520

Kawai ES520 88-Key Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

When classic piano elegance meets digital innovation, you get the Kawai ES520. Tailored for both the budding enthusiast and the concert pianist, this instrument redefines what it means to resonate with music.

Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, encompassing the richness and diversity of a full-scale piano.
  • Presets: Dive deep into an extensive collection, from the majestic timbre of classical grands to the rhythmic tones of contemporary keyboards.
  • Compatibility: Harmoniously integrates across multiple platforms, compatible with both Windows and MacOS.
  • Switches: Employs a progressive hammer action, ensuring every key press is a delicate dance between touch and tone.

The Kawai ES520 is a testament to the future of musical exploration. With its full complement of 88 keys, it captures the very essence of an acoustic piano, and then some. Its comprehensive range of presets invites musicians to experiment, to discover new tonal landscapes, and to craft their unique sonic signature. Interoperability is at its heart, ensuring that no matter the platform, your compositions are just a keystroke away. And speaking of keystrokes, the ES520’s switches are nothing short of a revelation. Every press, every chord, every melody is accentuated by the keyboard’s progressive hammer action, making each session a symphony of tactile feedback.

4. Kawai KDP120 – Where tradition romances technology

Kawai KDP120

Kawai KDP120 88-Key Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

Marrying the timeless allure of traditional pianos with modern-day technological marvels, Kawai KDP120 stands as an emblem of musical excellence and innovation.

Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, mirroring the authentic experience of grand pianos.
  • Presets: A diverse assortment at your fingertips, ranging from the ethereal notes of grand pianos to the groovy vibes of modern synths.
  • Compatibility: Fluidly integrates with both Windows and MacOS, ensuring your music knows no boundaries.
  • Switches: Enhanced with a responsive hammer action system, every key guarantees precision and profound musical expression.

If one were to encapsulate the spirit of Kawai KDP120, it would be in its celebration of contrasts. Here’s an instrument that reveres the age-old traditions of piano craftsmanship, yet isn’t shy to embrace the future. With 88 meticulously designed keys, each note resonates with authenticity, echoing the hallowed halls of historic concert venues. The presets, diverse and rich, coax out the musician in you, urging you to push your creative boundaries.

5. Kawai CN201 – The symphony of modern artistry

Kawai CN201

Kawai CN201 88-Key Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

The Kawai CN201 isn’t just a digital piano; it’s a statement. Showcasing the perfect blend of art and acoustics, it promises to be the centerpiece of any musical haven.



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Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, offering an unbridled, genuine piano sensation.
  • Presets: Varied and dynamic, from the soul-stirring timbre of classic pianos to the electric buzz of contemporary synths.
  • Compatibility: Effortlessly teams up with both Windows and MacOS, allowing your music to transcend across platforms.
  • Switches: Integrated with a graded hammer action system, delivering unparalleled touch sensitivity and response.

When it comes to the Kawai CN201, its standout features are undeniably its full 88-key range and the highly authentic touch of its graded hammer action system, giving you the genuine piano sensation that musicians seek. These keys come alive with a dynamic range of presets, ensuring the right sound for any piece you’re playing. The effortless compatibility with major operating systems means your music has no boundaries, and can be edited, mixed, or shared across different devices. In essence, the CN201 offers both the heart of classic pianos with the tech-savvy features of modern-day musical instruments.

6. Kawai CA401 – A harmonic fusion of tradition and innovation

Kawai CA401

Kawai CA401 88-Key Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

The Kawai CA401 bridges the legacy of the piano with the wonders of modern-day technology, inviting both novices and maestros to a world where melodies meet innovation.

Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, presenting a full-scale voyage into musical realms.
  • Presets: An expansive library, from the deep resonance of classical grands to the electric vibes of contemporary sounds.
  • Compatibility: Smooth pairing with Windows and MacOS, making it a breeze to compose, edit, and share.
  • Switches: Equipped with advanced pressure-sensitive keys, ensuring an expressive playing experience.

The Kawai CA401 stands as a testament to Kawai’s commitment to quality and innovation. At the heart of this digital piano is its 88-key scale that promises an authentic and nuanced musical journey. The keys respond with the utmost sensitivity, thanks to advanced pressure-sensitive switches, translating every gentle touch or passionate press into soulful sound. An extensive presets library lets you dive into various sonic landscapes, from timeless classics to modern-day marvels. With seamless compatibility with major operating systems, the CA401 ensures your creativity isn’t confined but is ready to soar across platforms.

7. Kawai CA901 – Unleash the symphony within

Kawai CA901

Kawai CA901 88-Key Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

The Kawai CA901, a symphony in design and sound, brings to life an unparalleled musical experience, striking a perfect chord between tradition and state-of-the-art innovation.



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Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, delivering an expansive auditory canvas for all musical dreams.
  • Presets: A vast range from classic to contemporary, offering endless possibilities to paint your musical portrait.
  • Compatibility: Effortlessly compatible with both Windows and MacOS, transforming the way you compose and connect.
  • Switches: Features ultra-responsive keys, sensing the subtlest nuances of your touch and emotions.

For those looking to experience the pinnacle of musical expression, the Kawai CA901 is your muse. Its 88 keys, rendered with intricate sensitivity, allow musicians to transition between soft whispers and powerful crescendos with ease. The CA901’s expansive presets provide a soundscape that caters to every genre, from time-honored classics to the pulsating beats of today. Its unmatched compatibility with leading operating systems ensures your compositions seamlessly traverse digital platforms. And with ultra-responsive switches, every emotion, every nuance, is captured and conveyed, making the Kawai CA901 not just a piano, but a reflection of your soul.

8. Kawai NV5S Hybrid Piano – Bridging tradition and innovation

Kawai NV5S Hybrid Piano

Kawai NV5S 88-Key Hybrid Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

Kawai introduces the future of pianos with the NV5S Hybrid. Merging time-honored piano craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, it delivers an unparalleled musical journey.



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Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, with each key perfectly calibrated to respond to the musician’s touch.
  • Presets: An exhaustive collection, encompassing classical sonatas to modern masterpieces, offering endless inspiration.
  • Compatibility: Smooth integration with both Windows and MacOS, ensuring effortless recording and editing.
  • Switches: State-of-the-art touch-sensitive switches that capture every nuance of the player’s emotion.

The Kawai NV5S Hybrid Piano is an epitome of perfection. Crafted with 88 masterfully designed keys, it offers musicians an expansive auditory palette. An extensive range of presets unlocks infinite creative potential, enabling players to traverse time with their compositions – from the classics of Bach to the innovations of the 21st century. Moreover, its impeccable compatibility with major operating systems grants musicians the flexibility they desire in today’s digital age. But what sets the NV5S apart is its touch-sensitive switches, ensuring that every delicate trill or powerful chord resonates with the passion intended. A true masterpiece, the Kawai NV5S Hybrid Piano is where tradition meets tomorrow.

Kawai keyboards buyer’s guide

Choosing the right keyboard can be a transformative experience for any musician. Kawai, known for its exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, offers a plethora of keyboards to cater to different needs. Here’s a guide to help you navigate your choices and select the perfect Kawai keyboard for your musical journey.

  1. Purpose of usage: Are you a beginner looking for your first keyboard, a professional needing something for live performances, or someone in between? Kawai offers keyboards tailored for various stages of learning and expertise. Your purpose will guide your choice.
  2. Number of keys: While a standard piano has 88 keys, Kawai keyboards come in various configurations. Consider whether you need the full range or can manage with fewer keys.
  3. Sound presets & features: Kawai is renowned for its authentic sound reproduction. Review the built-in sounds, and determine if they cater to your style. More presets provide greater versatility.
  4. Portability: If you’re a traveling musician or have limited space, the weight and dimensions of your keyboard matter. Some Kawai keyboards are more compact and lightweight than others.
  5. Compatibility: Modern musicians often need to connect their keyboards to computers, tablets, or other devices. Check for USB, MIDI, and other connectivity options.
  6. Key type and response: The feel of the keys can significantly influence your playing experience. Kawai keyboards offer different key actions, from fully weighted to semi-weighted or even synth action.
  7. Budget: Kawai offers keyboards across various price points. Define your budget, but also consider the value in terms of features and longevity.
  8. User reviews: Always check Kawai keyboard reviews to get insights from other users.

Remember, your keyboard is an extension of your musical soul. It’s crucial to find one that resonates with your style, skills, and aspirations. This guide aims to simplify your selection process, ensuring that every note you play on your Kawai keyboard is a reflection of your musical essence.

Author of this blog post:

Edward Bond

Eddie Bond is a multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, and music instructor currently based in Seattle, Washington USA. He has performed extensively in the US, Canada, Argentina, and China, released over 40 albums, and has over a decade experience working with music students of all ages and ability levels.

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