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Top Roland digital keyboards of 2024

Roland digital keyboards

Navigating music keyboards is daunting amid myriad choices. Enter Roland, known for superior instruments, offering keyboards with sound excellence.

This guide is your compass in the world of Roland piano keyboards. Its goal: aiding your instrument choice aligned with your musical dreams. With Roland, you’re not choosing just a keyboard; it’s your companion in your musical journey.

Ah, black and white keys’ allure! Whether serenading, playing classics, or jamming, the piano enchants. But recall, not all keyboards match up.

Piano demands suitable equipment. Just as a masterpiece can’t be painted with a dried brush, your potential needs a quality keyboard.

Best Roland keyboards

Roland isn’t just a name; it’s a legacy in the world of music. With their commitment to quality and innovation, they’ve been at the forefront of crafting instruments that resonate, both literally and figuratively. When it comes to the best digital keyboards, they’re often seen as the cream of the crop.

Now, considering your zest to learn, combined with that sensual, curious, and creative spirit, what could be better than a Roland to embark on this melodious voyage?

So, ready to discover the Roland magic? As we delve deeper into the specifics in the coming sections, remember: every keyboard has a soul, a unique voice. Your job? To find the one that resonates with yours. And trust me, with the right Roland by your side and a resource like Skoove to guide you, you’ll not only be hitting the right notes but feeling them too.

1. Roland FP-30X Digital Piano – An 88-key masterpiece for every musician

Roland FP-30X

Roland FP-30X 88-Key Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

Experience the Roland FP-30X – a symphony of style, innovation, and performance, compactly designed for the modern musician. Step into a world where every note tells a story.



Buy now on Thomann

Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, spanning a full range of seven and a quarter octaves, from the deep resonant lows to crystal-clear highs, offering an authentic and expressive piano touch.
  • Presets: Versatile range of built-in tones for various musical moods.
  • Compatibility: Seamlessly connects with both Windows and macOS platforms for advanced music creation.
  • Switches: Superior sensitivity switches capturing every nuance of your performance.

This digital piano, crowned with 88 meticulously crafted keys, captures the essence and emotion of every note you play. The FP-30X offers a diverse array of presets, making it your trusted companion for every musical journey. Its slim dimensions and lightweight design are juxtaposed with its mighty performance, ensuring that it’s as portable as it is powerful.

2. Roland GO:PIANO 88 – Transcending boundaries with 88-Key majesty

Roland GO:PIANO 88

Roland GO:PIANO 88 Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

Introducing the Roland GO:PIANO 88 – a perfect harmony of elegance and dynamism. For those who demand nothing short of perfection, let every key strike resonate with passion.


Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: 88, providing a full concert piano range, allowing both novice and professional pianists to delve deep into their musical expressions.
  • Presets: An expansive collection of presets catering to a wide spectrum of musical genres.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with major operating systems, including Windows and macOS, ensuring you can effortlessly integrate it into your musical setup.
  • Switches: Expertly calibrated switches to ensure an authentic acoustic piano feel, capturing every nuance.

The Roland GO:PIANO 88 is more than just an instrument; it’s an experience. With its 88 full-sized keys, musicians are offered the authentic feel of an acoustic grand in a modern, digital format. Each key responds to your touch, inviting you to explore the vast world of music. This digital piano offers an impressive array of presets, giving musicians the flexibility to play a diverse range of tunes. Furthermore, its sleek design combined with state-of-the-art tech specs makes it a standout, proving that Roland remains at the forefront of musical innovation.

3. Roland F107 – A symphony of elegance in digital pianos

Roland F107

Roland F107 + save on Skoove piano lessons

Unveiling the Roland F107, where classical craftsmanship meets modern innovation. Elevate your musical journey with every key touch.

Price with bench black


Buy now on Guitar Center


Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: Offering a full range with 88 keys, ensuring every pianist, from beginners to seasoned players, gets the authentic feel and wide spectrum they desire.
  • Presets: A vast library of presets to inspire creativity, allowing for versatile performances across numerous genres.
  • Compatibility: Designed to flawlessly work with popular operating systems, including Windows and macOS, enabling easy integration into any musical environment.
  • Switches: Fine-tuned switches delivering a touch-sensitive response akin to that of traditional pianos, ensuring emotive playability.

The Roland F107 is a testament to Roland’s commitment to delivering quality and innovation in the realm of music. This digital gem is meticulously designed with 88 keys that offer both the novice and the maestro a truly immersive experience. The vast array of presets housed within is a treasure trove for those eager to experiment and diversify their melodies. What’s even more captivating is the F107’s impeccable touch response, bringing you closer to the feel of an acoustic piano with every note.

4. Roland FP-10 – Dive deep into the symphonies of elegance

Roland FP-10 88-Key

Roland FP-10 88-Key Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

Embrace the sheer brilliance and captivating tones of the Roland FP10, a gem in the realm of digital pianos. Marrying tradition with innovation, the Roland FP 10 piano is tailored for those who demand nothing short of perfection.



Buy now on Thomann

Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: The Roland digital piano FP-10 graces you with an 88-key spectrum, replicating the grandeur of a classic piano, ensuring every octave is at your fingertips.
  • Presets: Delve into a diverse world of musicality with a rich array of presets offered by the FP10 Roland, designed to suit every mood and genre.
  • Compatibility: No need to fret about connectivity. The Roland FP-10’s compatibility extends across numerous operating systems, solidifying its versatility.
  • Switches: Experience ultra-responsive switches that provide you with an authentic piano feel, every time you strike a note on the FP-10.

Roland’s FP-10 88-Key is a testament to the marriage of state-of-the-art technology with classic musicality. Its full-scale 88 keys invite you to a world where every chord, arpeggio, and melody can be expressed in its full glory. The unmatched tactile response of the keyboard brings a touch of the classical grand piano to your fingertips, no matter where you are. Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned maestro crafting another symphony, the FP-10 serves as the perfect companion.

5. Roland LX-708 – The pinnacle of piano perfection

Roland LX-708

Roland LX-708 Digital Piano + save on Skoove piano lessons

Introducing the Roland LX-708, where sophistication meets unparalleled sound quality. A masterful blend of tradition and technology that pianists dream of.

Price with bench charcoal black


Buy now on Guitar Center


Specifications and highlights

  • Number of keys: The LX-708 boasts a full set of 88 keys, tailored to offer a grand piano experience, catering to both beginners and professional pianists.
  • Presets: Dive into a plethora of presets, designed to transport players across genres, moods, and eras with a simple touch.
  • Compatibility: Seamless compatibility with prominent operating systems such as Windows and macOS ensures that the LX-708 fits effortlessly into your tech ecosystem.
  • Switches: Featuring state-of-the-art switches, this piano promises a touch-sensitive response, capturing every nuance of a player’s emotion and technique.

The Roland LX-708 stands as an epitome of what a modern digital piano should be. With its 88 keys crafted to perfection, every press promises a symphony of emotions, from the subtlest whisper of a note to a roaring crescendo. Its vast preset range ensures that players have the tools at their fingertips to craft any melody they envision. The attention to detail doesn’t stop at the sound; the touch-sensitive switches capture every subtlety, bridging the gap between digital and acoustic realms.

Roland keyboards buyer’s guide

Navigating the world of musical instruments can often be overwhelming, especially with brands as esteemed as Roland. Each Roland keyboard offers a unique blend of features tailored for different musicians. Here’s your comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice and pick the Roland keyboard that aligns best with your musical aspirations.

  1. Purpose of usage: Before delving deep into specifications, reflect upon your primary purpose. Are you a beginner seeking a beginner-friendly model, or a touring professional needing advanced features? Understanding your primary needs will significantly narrow down your options.
  2. Number of keys: From compact 49-key models to full-sized 88-key instruments, the number of keys can influence the type of music you can produce. If you’re into classical music, an 88-key might be more suitable, while casual players might lean towards a 61-key model.
  3. Sound presets & features: Different Roland models come with a varied range of sound presets. Musicians who like to experiment might prefer keyboards with a broader range of sounds, while purists might stick to pianos with more classic and authentic sounds.
  4. Portability: If you’re constantly on the move, consider the weight and dimensions of the keyboard. Roland offers several lightweight and compact models perfect for the traveling musician.
  5. Compatibility: In today’s digital age, the ability to connect your keyboard to different devices and operating systems is crucial. Look for models that offer seamless integration with computers, tablets, and other musical equipment.
  6. Key type and response: The feel of a keyboard is paramount. Do you prefer weighted keys that mimic a traditional piano, or are you comfortable with a synth action? The choice can significantly impact your playing experience.
  7. Budget: Roland keyboards range from affordable entry-level models to professional-grade ones. Set a clear budget, but always remember that sometimes investing a bit more can offer long-term benefits in terms of durability and features.
  8. User reviews: Often, real-world user reviews provide insights that typical specifications might miss. Dive into Roland keyboard reviews to gather feedback from actual users.

Understanding these factors can drastically improve your user experience. Remember, the right Roland keyboard isn’t just about impressive features; it’s about how those features cater to your unique needs. Always prioritize what feels right and sounds best to you. After all, the journey of music is deeply personal and subjective. Make your choice, and let the music flow!

Author of this blog post:

Eddie Bond

Edward Bond

Eddie Bond is a multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, and music instructor currently based in Seattle, Washington USA. He has performed extensively in the US, Canada, Argentina, and China, released over 40 albums, and has over a decade experience working with music students of all ages and ability levels.

Published by Lydia Hovan from the Skoove team

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