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A Thousand Years piano sheet music

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Chirstina Perry and David Hodges


Christina Perri co-wrote “A Thousand Years” with David Hodges for the movie “The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn” (Part 2). Perri also performs this song on the official released version.

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Philadelphia born Christina Perri, who is a self-taught musician and began her rise to fame after her debut single “Jar of Hearts”. David Hodges hails from Arkansas. He was with the band Evanescence, as well as several others. He has sold over 60 million albums.

Learning the song “A Thousand Years” will help you develop the swing-style rhythm of 12/8 using chords in the left hand while playing the melody in the right hand.

Cheat sheet


ArtistChristina Perri
ComposerChristina Perri and David Hodges
Release Year2011
Difficulty levelIntermediate
Key(s)Bb major
Meter 12/8
Techniques Playing in compound time signature


Interesting fact

Christina Perri’s official video of A Thousand Years has had over 1.7 billion views on YouTube, making it one of the most watched videos of all time.

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