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Happy Birthday piano sheet music

Patty and Mildred Hill
Patty and Mildred Hill


Happy Birthday started out as “Good Morning To You”, written in 1893 by two sisters who were school teachers. Patty and Mildred Hill wrote it for their students to sing every morning to start their school day. This is an essential song for everyone to be able to play!

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Patty and Mildred Hill were born in Kentucky in 1868. Mildred wrote the music and Patty wrote the lyrics. They were both inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame in 1996.

“Happy Birthday” is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the song that is sung the most in the world! It’s easy for beginners and a really useful song to be able to play.

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ArtistPatty and Mildred Hill
ComposerPatty and Mildred Hill
Release Year1893
Difficulty levelBeginner
Instrument Piano
Key(s)C major
Meter 3/4
Techniques Hands together with single bass notes

How to play the simple and beautiful Happy Birthday piano chords

There is no song more instantly recognizable in the western world than Happy Birthday on piano chords, and it is an occasion celebrated by groups of people multiple times a year. Now is the perfect time to learn your Happy Birthday piano chords so that you can play it any time you need to impress or celebrate with friends or family. The Happy Birthday chords piano are simple, effective and come up in many other situations. Learning to play Happy Birthday on piano chords is such a simple and effective way to bring joy into a holiday, and this little skill will last a lifetime, and create memories that will endure. 


  • The chords for Happy Birthday piano are simple triads
  • There happy birthday piano chords are played only in the left hand
  • Happy Birthday is played in 3 / 4 time signature, which means there are three beats each measure
  • Instead of playing chords for this song, the left hand will play just bass notes 
  • The first two notes happen almost before the beat, this is called a pick-up, it is when everyone starts singing with you
  • Remember to stay confident in time when playing with others, so you must practice this song using Skoove’s metronome

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Interesting fact

Happy Birthday was the first song ever to be sung as a “Singing Telegram” in 1933. It was sung by the Western Union Operator.

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