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One Summer’s Day piano sheet music

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One summer's day


“One Summer’s Day” is one of the most notable pieces of soundtrack music for the piano. Originally composed by Joe Hisaishi and featured in the incredible anime Spirited Away, “One Summer’s Day” floats across the piano like a beautiful dream. The composition has won universal acclaim for its brilliance.

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“One Summer’s Day” opens the film as we are introduced to the main character, Chihiro, who must navigate a strange new world of fantastical spirits when she becomes lost and trapped in a dream world.

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ArtistJoe Hisaishi
ComposerJoe Hisaishi
Release Year2001
Difficulty levelAdvanced
Instrument Piano
Key(s)F Lydian
Meter Common time
Techniques Modal playing


Interesting fact

Joe Hisaishi has composed over 100 film scores and released numerous solo albums of his work. He is quite the prolific composer and performer and has worked with many outstanding film directors in his career.

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