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Rondo Alla Turca piano sheet music

Rondo alla turca piano sheet music


“Rondo All Turca” is the third movement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Sonata #11 in A Major.” The piece was originally published in 1784. The third movement, variously titled “Alla Turca”, “Turkish March”, or “Turkish Rondo” is one of Mozart’s best known pieces and is often performed on its own apart from the other two movements of Piano Sonata #11.


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With brilliant runs and playful melodies, this piece challenges pianists’ skills while captivating audiences with its charm and accessible beauty. A true gem in the world of classical piano music.

Cheat sheet

ArtistWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ComposerWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Release Year1784
Genre(s)Piano Sonata
Difficulty levelIntermediate
Instrument Piano
Key(s)The third movement is in A minor, but the piece is titled in A major
Meter 2/4 time signature
Techniques Chromaticism, sequential thirds

“Rondo Alla Turca” piano chords

“Rondo All Turca” is the third movement of a three-part piano sonata first published in 1784. Mozart composed this movement of the sonata based on the melodies and rhythms of Turkish marching bands, which were very popular in Europe at the time.

 The piece is in 2/4 time signature and in the key of A minor. The full composition blends A major, A minor, and other tonalities in a clever and interesting way.

Tips for learning the song

  • The song is mostly in the key of A minor, but prepare yourself for chromatic notes outside of the key!
  • Do not get confused with a 2/4 time signature. It is nearly identical to a 4/4 time signature, the only exception being there are 2 beats in a measure instead of 4.
  • Practice slowly so you use the proper fingers. That way you will play clean and neat when you increase the speed.
  • Pay special attention to your dynamics and touch in order to get the proper feeling of the piece.

Interesting fact

A new version of the piece was found by historians in Budapest in 2014. The new version was autographed by Mozart and features a slight variation in the rhythms from the original publication in 1784!

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