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Undertale piano sheet music

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Toby Fox


Undertale is the main theme for the game of the same name. The role-play story in the game is guided by the player depending on whether they decide to kill monsters or befriend them. This theme has a subdued melody but has some challenging rhythms to coordinate between the hands.

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Born in 1991, Toby Fox is an American game designer and composer. He started by composing the music for the game “Homestuck” while he was still in college. Undertale and Deltarune are two games of his own invention and creation.

The Undertale theme tune is quite a gentle theme that nevertheless requires a fair amount of hand coordination and some understanding of dotted notes in rhythm.

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ArtistToby Fox
ComposerToby Fox
Release Year2015
Genre(s)Gaming music
Difficulty levelAdvanced
Key(s)Eb Major
Meter 4/4
Techniques Fast playing, hands together


Interesting fact

Toby Fox likes to work alone as he doesn’t like to rely on other people. Apart from some of the artwork for the game, he designed and developed Undertale by himself as well as writing the music.

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