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Learn Blues & Boogie for Piano: 20 New Lessons

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The full Skoove Blues & Boogie piano course is online. 20 new lessons for you to learn Blues & Boogie for piano!

We believe Blues basics are easy to pick up even by piano-freshers. It’s an easy way to get creative and express yourself even with limited piano skills. The reward is almost instantaneous. In other words: It’s so much fun!

In our February post: Learn to Improvise Blues Music with Skoove and Get Over Your Winter Blues , we were writing about the origins of Blues music and its musicians. From its very sad origin Blues evolved to become one of the most popular music genres. Blues is very much vibrant today.

The Skoove Blues Course shows you the technical secrets of this hallmark style of modern music! You are going to learn the blues scale, chords, groovy patterns, famous licks, and turnarounds played by the greatest Blues players of history. And, you are going to learn to improvise with six brand new band play-alongs, too!


  • Play the original Fats Waller Boogie-Woogie pattern left hand, accompanied by chords right hand
  • Play the ‘Walking Bass’ and get to know the added sixth chord
  • Learn how to play bluesy dominant-seventh-chords (e.g. C7)
  • Play the Walking Bass like Fats Domino and get some more groove into your playing
  • Get to know and play the ‘turnaround’
  • Get to know and play ‘stabs’ and ‘stops’
  • Learn more Blues and Boogie-Woogie lick vocabulary for your improvisation
  • Play a real classic among the Blues licks and train your playing technique.
  • Get into a virtuoso Boogie-Woogie battle
  • Play along to 6 new band play-alongs
  • How to play the piano


What are you waiting for?

The course is going to teach you fundamental improvisation techniques. The first set of lessons addresses basic level learners, step by step lessons getting more advanced and songs will be added.
In the beginner’s set of lessons, you’ll get familiar with the basics of Blues and learn your first pattern. During the lessons, you will get to know the chord progression for the ‘Blues in C’. You’ll not only learn to play but also get to feel the ‘Blue Notes’ and play your first improvisation with the Blues scale. But most important, you learn how to compose a Blues theme. Eventually, you can improvise to band play-alongs and train your feel for rhythm and accompaniment.


Skoove is available to download for free from the Apple App store worldwide in English and German. Beginners, refreshers, and intermediate players can try it out with free lessons and then upgrade to Skoove Premium to enjoy full access, one-on-one learning support, and exclusive content with new lessons and music theory tips.

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