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9 easy piano songs perfect for beginners

easy piano songs

Learning songs on the piano is one of the most enjoyable ways to practice. However, finding songs that are within your ability levels can be difficult. With Skoove, you have access to over 400 lessons tailored to your experience level and goals.

No matter what genres of music you prefer, you will be able to find many songs that you enjoy, with simplified arrangements to suit your ability level. Let’s check out a few selections from Skoove’s Beginner Songs catalog.

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Easy songs to play on piano

In this section, we’ve listed a few easy, popular songs to play on piano.  The songs cover a range of different styles and musical periods so there should be something for everyone.  And this list isn’t the end of it – once you’re done with these there are countless more exciting and easy-to-follow lessons available for you to explore on Skoove!

Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen

Difficulty levelBeginner
Key(s)C major (Gb major Skoove lesson)
TechniqueSingle note in each hand; coordination
Interesting factThe lyrics describe the harmonic structure of the song. "The forth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift".

“Hallelujah” is one of the greatest easy piano songs for beginners. It was originally written in the key of C major (but the Skoove version is on Gb major), and contains just a few basic piano chords so it’s a really easy way to start your life as a pianist!

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“Fly Me to the Moon” by Bart Howard

Difficulty levelIntermediate
Key(s)C major
MeterCommon time
TechniqueSeventh chords
Interesting factThe Frank Sinatra version was heavily associated with the Apollo space missions because it resonated with the journeys to the unknown frontiers of the moon.

“Fly Me to the Moon” was originally written in 1954 by the songwriter Bart Howard, but it was made famous by Frank Sinatra in 1964. It has been recorded over 300 times, making it one of the most popular jazz standards of all time. The song introduces you to some great-sounding seventh chords.

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“Lean on Me” by Bill Withers

Difficulty levelBeginner
Key(s)C major
C major4/4
TechniqueIndependent playing in each hand
Interesting fact“Lean on Me” was re-recorded in 2020 to raise funds during the Covid-19 pandemic and included top artists such as Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, and Avril Lavigne.

Bill Withers’ hit song “Lean on Me” is a relatively easy melody on piano and it doesn’t take long before you sound really great! Both hands follow the same rhythm, but instead of using the same notes the song uses intervals. This gives the music a more full-sounding harmony. “Lean on Me” piano sheet music is short and fun – give it a try!

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“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

Difficulty levelBeginner
Key(s)C major
TechniqueMelody with bass notes.
Interesting factFilm director James Cameron initially didn't want a song for the movie. James Horner wrote one anyway and on hearing it Cameron completely changed his mind.

The iconic theme song from the 1997 cinematic sensation Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion is a beautiful and easy piano tune to learn. It’s a little longer than the previous suggestions in this article and as such you’ll begin to feel like you’re playing a “real song”. It also presents a challenge for you to keep concentrating throughout the length of the song.

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The Wall” by Pink Floyd

Difficulty levelBeginner
Key(s)D major
TechniqueHand coordination
Interesting factThe Wall is Pink Floyd’s second best-selling album (after Dark Side of the Moon) as is one of the best-selling albums of all time.

One amazing thing about learning piano is that it’s also possible to play music that wasn’t originally written for piano! A great place to start is a song like “The Wall” by Pink Floyd, where the melody has been put into the right hand and the other instruments of the band are played in the left hand. This makes complicated rock music surprisingly simple to play on a piano!

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Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley

Difficulty levelIntermediate
Key(s)C major
TechniqueMelody with bass notes
Interesting factThe original tune for this song is based on a piece called "Plaisir d'amour", composed by Jean-Paul-Égide Martini in 1784.

One of Elvis’s finest melodies, the slow ballad “Can’t Help Falling in Love” became a huge hit in 1961. It’s been recorded several times since but Elvis’s original version still remains the most loved. In our interactive Skoove lesson the left-hand piano accompaniment is simple so it’s a great choice if you’re a beginner looking to learn an easy melody!

Learn to play ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Elvis Presley on piano. Start a 7 day trial today – no card details required!

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Fur Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven

Difficulty LevelIntermediate
KeyA Minor
TechniqueRight hand melody, left hand broken chords
Interesting factIt is believed that Beethoven completed “Für Elise” on 27 April 1810 when he was aged 39, although the piece was not published until 40 years after his death.

“Fur Elise” is one of the most popular beginner piano songs! Everyone who plays the piano will probably learn “Fur Elise” at some point. The original song is in A minor and features an iconic Romantic-era chord progression.
Learn to play ‘Fur Elise’ by Ludwig van Beethoven on piano. Start a 7 day trial today – no card details required!

Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss II

Difficulty LevelBeginner
KeyC major
TechniquePlaying legato
Interesting fact“Blue Danube” has been one of the most consistently popular pieces of classical music since it was first composed and performed in 1867

“Blue Danube” is a waltz that was composed by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II. The work underwent many variations, with words added later, and various orchestral arrangements imagined by Strauss during his career, including a performance at the World’s Fair in 1867.

Learn to play ‘Blue Danube’ by Johann Strauss on piano. Start a 7 day trial today – no card details required!

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American Pie” by Don McLean

Difficulty LevelBeginner
KeyC major
TechniqueStaying focused through repetitive melody
Interesting factThe length of the melody and the intricacy of the different verses, and then unusual structure of the song set it apart from other examples of songs at the time.

Don McLean’s song “American Pie” is one of the most iconic songs of the 1970’s. Touching cryptically on many societal themes, the piece features a classic chord progression, and simple, hummable melody that is quite fun to play on the piano!

Learn to play ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean on piano. Start a 7 day trial today – no card details required!

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Easy piano song recommendations for beginners: insights from Reddit

On Reddit, piano beginners frequently discuss song suggestions that are suitable for new learners. The community often recommends pieces with simple melodies and chord progressions, allowing beginners to focus on fundamental piano skills. These suggestions range from classical pieces to modern pop songs, catering to diverse musical tastes and helping beginners steadily build their piano-playing abilities.

Any beginner song suggestions?
byu/Trip292903 inpiano

There is a wide world of classical music that beginners can learn and enjoy. Pianists on the internet often share some of their favorite pieces of beginning piano repertoire. While most pop and rock music is readily accessible for beginners, here is a list of easy classical compositions suggested by more experienced pianists. Many of these songs have Skoove lessons as well!

  • Bach’s Prelude No. 1 in C major from WTK I
  • Moonlight Sonata 
  • Gymnopedie No. 1 by Satie
  • Heart and Soul
  • Prelude in C Major by Bach
  • Minuet in G by Bach
  • Clair De Lune by Debussy
  • Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart

Conclusion – take the next steps

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the sort of things to look for when deciding what song to learn next! Remember to remember the level of hand independence, the number of notes in each hand, the difficulty of the rhythm, and the speed of the piece. Follow these tips and you’ll have no problem finding sheet music for easy piano songs!

Skoove is a great resource to find some easy songs to learn on piano. No matter whether you have a deep interest in learning music from Bach to The Beatles, or if you want to strengthen your piano technique by learning more about piano chords or scales, or if you just want to try something different in love, you’ll find no end of wonderful options to try out on Skoove!

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 Author of this blog post

Eddie Bond

Edward Bond

Eddie Bond is a multi-instrumentalist performer, composer, and music instructor currently based in Seattle, Washington USA. He has performed extensively in the US, Canada, Argentina, and China, released over 40 albums, and has over a decade experience working with music students of all ages and ability levels.

Published by Lydia Hovan from the Skoove team

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