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Join in the Celebration: World Music Day 2017

In a world with thousands of different languages, people from across the globe still come together to share in the power of music. Whether it be classical, jazz, rock, or pop, the message that music sends has no borders. It is the language of the soul in which we are all fluent regardless of the place we were born! And it is for the major impact that music makes in all of our lives that we celebrate!  

June 21st, 2017 marks the 35th international World Music Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the universal language of music. Originating in France, World Music Day has now spread to over 120 countries where people gather on the Summer Solstice to share in the magic of music. As a company that was born out of a love for music and that strives to make learning the piano accessible to everyone, Skoove rejoices on this day and hopes that you will too!

Find Events Near You

Below you will find a list of piano related events that you can attend on June 21, 2017. But don’t worry, World Music Day is not limited to these performances. Concerts of all genres will be happening on practically every street corner across the globe. Be sure to check what your town has planned for this global celebration here.


Philharmonia Orchestra

Enjoy a great performance from musicians such as Gareth Moorcraft (composer and pianist), Lisa Illean (composer), and Donghoon Shin (composer). They will be at Royal Festival Hall on Belvedere Rd on June 21 from 6-7 pm so don’t miss out!

Come and Play Workshop

Get more involved with World Music Day by attending this workshop at the Unity Centre of South London to share music and ideas. All are welcome regardless of your level of experience. You can even receive an informal lesson for instruments such as the piano, flute or guitar. If that doesn’t convince you, there will also be food and drinks provided.

New York

The Ella Fitzgerald Piano Bar

From 11 am until 6 pm a mobile piano bar will make stops throughout Harlem and East Harlem where the crowd can join in a sing along honouringElla Fitzgerald. They will be making stops at places such as the Apollo Theatre (11 am), Red Rooster (12:30 pm), Sister’s Cuisine (2:15 pm) and more!

On the Waterfront

Head over to Pier I on the Hudson River Gateway to enjoy Karl Larsson and Hitomi Honda’s piano duet. From 4:30 until 7 pm enjoy songs by composers including David Lang, Emily Cooley, and Scott Wollschleger.


Fête de la musique: Concert Piano -Voix

On June 21 at 7 pm head over to Espace Ararat to enjoy the talents of Isabelle Sengès (soprano) and Jean-Yves Aizic (piano).  You are bound to fall in love with their 20th century repertoire. 

Rémi Toulon & Sébastien Charlier duo

If you prefer jazz to classical music, check out Rémi Toulon (piano) and Sébastien Charlier (harmonica). For the release of Adagiorinho, they will be playing at 7:30 pm at 1 Rue Gustave Vatonne.

Los Angeles

Kristin Center

Catch fusion singer-songwriter, concert pianist and contemporary composer Kristin Center will be playing in Hotchkiss Park at 4:15 pm. You’re sure to love her unique style which combines elements from blues, Afro-Cuban jazz, reggae, funk, classical, and R&B.

Don’t Miss Out

Be sure to take advantage of the free events near you and celebrate the universal language of music with the world!


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