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Why Learn to play Piano? Benefits of Music Education

Apart from the beautiful music and inevitable applause that you will get from playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, learning how to play the piano can actually have positive long-lasting effects. From scoring you a few extra IQ points to relieving your stress, maybe these 5 benefits of music education will urge you to start learning how to tickle the ivories yourself.   

1. The Extended Mozart Effect

The Mozart Effect refers to the discovery that listening to Mozart temporarily increases spatial intelligence. But why stop there? According to research, learning to play the piano actually exercises certain parts of the brain which can lead to an increase in IQ for both adults and children. So start playing the piano today if you want to get sharp!

Learn more about the Benefits of piano playing for the brain.

2. Upgrading your Language Skills

Studies show that there is a direct relationship between music and a child’s language development which helps them learn to read, write, and socialize. But that’s not all. Playing the piano also urges brain activity that can assist in learning a foreign language. So master languages across the world as you study the language of the soul.

3. Master Multi-Tasking

One of the tougher parts of playing the piano is learning how to coordinate the left and right hand while reading the sheet music in front of you. Of course with lessons you will master this skill in no time and the associated benefits are totally worth it. Not only will you be able to put on breathtaking performances for your friends and family, you will also develop split concentration. Long story short, we all multi-task so you may as well get good at it!

4. Boost Growth Hormones

High levels of HGH in a person translates into increased energy levels and prevents body issues such as aches and pains that come with old age. Studies reveal that people who study piano have higher levels of these hormones. Need I say more?

5. Stress Buster

Reduce stress without having to break a sweat. Instead of using yoga poses like the downward dog to sooth the soul, piano has been proven by experts to lower blood pressure and take you right back to your happy place. Get lost in the music instead of getting lost in your thoughts.

So what are you waiting for?

Share in the magic of music and start learning piano today. Click here for more information on Skoove’s interactive piano lessons and discover the easiest way to learn piano.


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