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Learn to Improvise Blues Music with Skoove and Get Over Your Winter Blues

Learn improvise Blues music

With Skoove‘s new Blues & Boogie Woogie course you can learn to improvise on the piano and create your own scales.

Today most prominent early Blues music you’ll find addressed to Mississippi John Hurt (1892-1966), Charley Patton (died 1938), Robert Johnson (1911-1938) or Muddy Waters (1913-1983). There is still plenty of unacknowledged talent in Blues. Amongst it, many women singers such as Ma Reiny, Lucille Bogan, and Bessie Smith.

Blues music first appeared in the late 19th century. Unfortunately, these musical origins of Blues are poorly documented since Blues had rather been a practice of verbal story-telling and musical improvisation than being performed and recorded in concert halls. Enduring the cruel times of slavery and racial segregation during the 17th and 20th century, African Americans suffered from severe physical and emotional distress. To sing and play the Blues was an important psychological coping strategy (work songs) as well a coded form of resistance (spiritual).  This was the climate Blues music emerged from and all its music genres related: R&B, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime, Jazz, and Soul.

From it’s sad and painful origin Blues evolved to become one of the most popular and durational music genres around our planet. Blues inspired many great musicians such as B.B. King, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Oscar Peterson and even Beyonce. With its trajectory through nearly 200 years of history, Blues music is still alive and very vibrant.

We at Skoove want you to learn some essential basics of Blues. For you to be able to improvise with the piano on your own one day and playfully create your own scales.

That is why we set up our new Blues & Boogie Woogie course. The course is going to teach you plenty of fundamental improvisation-techniques. The first set of lessons addresses basic level learners, step by step more advanced lessons and songs will be added.

  • In the current set of lessons, you’ll get familiar with the basics of Blues and learn your first Blues pattern.
  • During the lessons, you get to know the chord-progression for the ‘Blues in C’.
  • You’ll not only learn to play but also get to feel the ‘Blue Notes’ and play your first improvisation with the Blues-scale.
  • But most important, you learn how to compose a Blues-theme.
  • Eventually, you can play along with Band in Band Mode and train your feeling for playing together with a band. Train your feel for rhythm and accompaniment which can be improved by practicing with a metronome.

Music affects our bodies, our brains, our mood – and vice versa. Check out the many benefits of music practice in this article. If you are living in the northern hemisphere, you most probably feel the winter blues, slowly crawling from the back of your spine aiming to the very center of your heart. During these dark and cold days, playing Blues music can inspire us, to be compassionate and warm our hearts and bones with a little musical improvisation. Or just playing some blue notes to “me, myself and I”.

You are not alone. Try your first Blues improv lesson with Skoove!


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