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Skoove Live Lessons: Progress faster with a real teacher

Live Lessons: Faster progress with a real teacher

Live Lessons: Progress faster with a real teacher

Unlock your piano dreams. Combine 1-to-1 online tuition with guided practice from our self-learning app for faster progress.

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Our teachers

Unlock your musical potential with our exceptional team of accomplished piano teachers, ready to guide you on your musical journey from the comfort of your own home.

Unlock your musical potential with our exceptional team of accomplished piano teachers, ready to guide you on your musical journey.


Level: all
Genres: Jazz, Blues

“I love nothing more than to help and inspire piano students to love playing piano”

Book with Dominik


Level: all
Genres: Classical, Pop

“My goal is to make music accessible to all students regardless of their level”

Book with Susana


Level: all
Genres: Classical

“I love to adapt to my students’ needs to bring the best out of them”

Book with Natalija


Level: all
Genres: Jazz, Pop

“My favorite thing is seeing the joy when students learn something new or feel themselves improving”

Book with Edwin

Why Live Lessons?

Set, and work towards, realistic and achievable goals to help with added motivation and inspiration
Get a 2nd pair of eyes on fundamentals like technique, making sure you’re forming good habits
Practice smart using our self-learning app to complement the progress you make in each lesson

It’s easy to get started

Find your perfect slot

Step 1

Choose a time slot that suits you. Lessons cost $19 for 30 mins. After booking you’ll receive an email with your lesson details.

Prepare your setup

Step 2

Ahead of the call, we suggest having two devices ready. One for the video call (like a laptop) and another for Skoove (included with your lessons)!

Log into your class

Step 3

At the time of your lesson, simply open the link in your confirmation email and your video call will start automatically. Time to start learning!

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Frequently asked questions

Live Lessons is online piano lessons, taught live and 1-to-1, with an experienced, professional piano teacher.

Live Lessons gives you:

  • A personal experience, and the opportunity to reach your goals with the guidance of a professional
  • Qualified teachers with focused, engaging lessons
  • Practice tips and tricks to get the most out of your practice
  • Access to the Skoove app for additional practice support on your own

Lessons are on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis and you can have as many as you want. You simply book a lesson as-and-when you want it by following the ‘Book your lessons’ button on this page.

You simply need a device that you can have a video call on. This could be a laptop, phone or iPad. Ideally you would have two devices, one with the teacher view on the call and another in case you want to have any online learning resources in front of you - like Skoove.

In short you can learn anything you want. It might be best to start by telling your teacher why you want to learn piano. Once the teacher understands your goals they can start to create lessons that work towards this vision.

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