Play by ear – playing piano without reading notes

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Play by ear

Do you rather play by ear or do you prefer to sight-read when playing piano? The piano is a beautifully expressive instrument with two huge benefits. One, you can simply sit down and play. There is no need to spend weeks learning to make a note (think violin or clarinet). Two, it provides both melody […]

Rest symbols and why silence in music is so important

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Why silence in music is important

Do you know how to identify rest symbols when reading music? When listening to music, you probably never notice all the moments of silence. Your ear is more focused on the things happening in the song, such as the lyrics, or a really catchy melody. But actually, silence is just as important as sound. Silence […]

How to play chord progressions on piano

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How to play chord progressions on piano

Have you ever listened to a song and been amazed by how the chords and harmonies change and develop to form something really beautiful? In music, we call this a chord progression, which means to play a series of chords in a particular order.In this post we are going to discover some different types of chords, […]

Bass clef notes: how to easily read notes for the left hand on piano?

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left hand piano notes

If you’ve ever looked at a piece of piano music, you probably noticed that it is split into two parts. These two parts are showing the so called treble clef and bass clef notes. Together they tell both hands which notes to play. If you want to improve your hand coordination you can check out […]

Four piano love songs every beginner can learn

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piano love songs

Love songs represent many if not most of the world’s greatest hits and fortunately, many of them, including the four listed below, are relatively easy piano love songs for beginners to master.   Four piano love songs for beginners:   “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran (2017) Nothing turns more heads at a party than an Ed Sheeran’s […]

What are quarter, half and whole notes?

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whole, half, quarter notes

Quarter, half and whole notes represent the duration of a musical tone. Music is a language, and like all languages it uses a set of characters and symbols to communicate meaning. To be able to read music and confidently transfer it to the piano, you will need to be able to look at a song […]

Five of the most common piano mistakes beginners make

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piano mistakes

Learning to play the piano offers you wonderful opportunities for personal expression and enjoyment. Balancing this with familiarity of the most common mistakes on piano empowers you to speed up your progress!   Beginner mistake #1: Placing note accuracy above all else It is not only about playing the right note at the right time. […]

Why you should consider learning with a piano app

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piano app

Up until recently, the only way to learn tactile skills like the piano was to sign up for a local course or hire a private teacher. But nowadays, it seems that learning any new skill is something that everyone prefers to do in the privacy of their own homes as a post-work relaxation activity. Here are […]

Easy songs to play on piano this summer

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easy songs on piano

The last thing we all want to think about is that the summer holidays are halfway over. But there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the weather, the company of friends and most importantly: music. Summer is the time during which live music, from bohemian funk to traditional New Orleans jazz, fills the streets of cities […]

Why every DJ or Producer should learn to play piano

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Producer piano

Many of the DJs and producers you’ll see on stage this summer have a musical background in piano. If you have tickets for Tomorrowland in Belgium or another electronic music festival this summer, you must be counting the days. But how do all these DJs and producers become worthy of taking the stage at such […]