What impact can Avicii’s legacy have on aspiring musicians?


As the release of Avicii’s posthumous album on June 6th approaches, fans have scoured the Internet for hints about the album’s contents while “SOS”, the album’s first single, pulses in the background on repeat. The artist’s death last spring rattled the EDM community and his works ranging from “Levels” to “Lonely Together” are no less […]

Why Elton John is a pop piano legend

Elton John

If you are as excited to watch Rocketman in theaters as we are, you probably know that the Elton John biopic will be released on May 31st. The film will not only offer insights into Elton John’s life and work, but also delve into why he yielded so much success throughout his career.  And just like […]

Beginner tips for good piano posture

Good piano posture

So you have a piano or keyboard in front of you. What’s next? The key to effective playing is good piano posture.   Piano sitting posture: get into position You want to make sure that you are sitting close enough to the piano that your hands can fully graze the keys. Find a place to […]

We got new funding!

We are happy to announce that we recently secured a €3M investment. This round will be helpful in further developing Skoove and to make our interactive online piano learning an even better experience!   Our co-founder and CEO Florian Plenge explains that “With this new investment we are excited to take the next step in […]

💡 TRICKS & TIPS – Create your own intro to almost any song

This month the ‘King Of Pop’, Michael Jackson, would have become 60 years of age. Dearly missed, not only his fans will remember and celebrate his outstanding talent on this occasion. We at Skoove honour Michael with an arrangement of one of his super hits: Heal the World. In this blog I will teach you […]

How To Create Your Own Version OF Hey Jude by The Beatles

Incredible! It was fifty years ago this month that the Beatles released their long standing #1 hit ‘Hey Jude’. With over 7 minutes playtime it is the ‘longest’ single ever topping the US and UK charts. Even though this success is already half a century old, the song has never lost its popularity. Moreover, it […]