Why you should consider learning with a piano app

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piano app

Up until recently, the only way to learn tactile skills like the piano was to sign up for a local course or hire a private teacher. But nowadays, it seems that learning any new skill is something that everyone prefers to do in the privacy of their own homes as a post-work relaxation activity. Here are […]

Easy songs to play on piano this summer

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easy songs on piano

The last thing we all want to think about is that the summer holidays are halfway over. But there’s still plenty of time to enjoy the weather, the company of friends and most importantly: music. Summer is the time during which live music, from bohemian funk to traditional New Orleans jazz, fills the streets of cities […]

Why every DJ or Producer should learn to play piano

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Producer piano

Many of the DJs and producers you’ll see on stage this summer have a musical background in piano. If you have tickets for Tomorrowland in Belgium or another electronic music festival this summer, you must be counting the days. But how do all these DJs and producers become worthy of taking the stage at such […]

Three technical piano warm-up exercises for beginners

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piano warm-up exercises beginners

Looking for piano warm-up exercises for beginners? When sitting down at the piano for a practice session, it can be really tempting to just jump straight into practicing the new song you’ve been working on. And of course, having that kind of enthusiasm to complete a song is really great. But as a pianist, you […]

Why The Beatles’ songs are the most covered ever

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The Beatles songs

Most of you are familiar with the moving tune and words of the most covered Beatles song ever “Yesterday”. Some of you may even have plans to watch the newly released movie of the same name. The movie features an alternate, and frankly unimaginable, timeline in which nobody but one man in the universe remembers any […]

How to play piano with both hands: improving piano hand coordination

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How to play piano with both hands

When you first begin to learn, you’ll probably start off with a few easy and popular tunes using only the right hand and don’t know how to play piano with both hands. However, as you progress, you’ll start to find that most songs require you to play with both hands at the same time. This […]

Finger positions – four piano finger exercises that will set you on your way

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finger positions

Learning to play the piano is fun and exciting, but one of the most challenging aspects for beginners can be learning finger positions and how find the right fingers for the keys. Without the correct finger positioning, you can spend weeks practicing a piece without seeing much progress at all. Figuring out where to put […]

What impact can Avicii’s legacy have on aspiring musicians?

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As the release of Avicii’s posthumous album on June 6th approaches, fans have scoured the Internet for hints about the album’s contents while “SOS”, the album’s first single, pulses in the background on repeat. The artist’s death last spring rattled the EDM community and his works ranging from “Levels” to “Lonely Together” are no less […]

Why Elton John is a pop piano legend

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Elton John

If you are as excited to watch Rocketman in theaters as we are, you probably know that the Elton John biopic will be released on May 31st. The film will not only offer insights into Elton John’s life and work, but also delve into why he yielded so much success throughout his career.  And just like […]

Amélie soundtrack and more: famous piano music from movies to learn

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Piano music including Amelie soundtrack

With the Cannes Film Festival in full swing we wanted to celebrate a few popular tunes, such as the Amélie soundtrack, that you can learn to play on Skoove. Whether you’re just beginning with us or further along, we know you will enjoy delving into famous piano music from movies and sharing it with the […]