Getting Ahead During Christmas Season

It’s holiday season again, a good time to look back on the progress you made this year and set new goals for next year. It’s the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends, play the songs they love and show off your progress! No matter your level or experience as a piano learner, there’s […]

How To Recognize Notes Quicker

Playing the piano, just like any other instruments, involves reading notes off the score.  Inevitably, the quicker you recognize which note to play and which key to press on the piano, quicker you get to play music.  That’s obvious right? At Skoove, you will find a practical course on this subject.  Beginner Theory I – […]

6 Tips To Start Playing Piano Before An Audience

How does it make you feel if someone you know asked you to play the piano in front of a group of people?  Does the thought of it makes your hands start shaking and sweat start running down your back?   Be assured.  It’s very normal and you’re not alone.  It proves that you are […]

The Art of Practicing

Some people practice their instruments for long hours each day, and some practice only 20 minutes a few times a week.  Does this mean those who practice for hours are guaranteed to get better faster? Not necessarily.  In fact, how long you practice has little to do with how much progress you make.  Any great […]

Play it, don’t say it: Express Yourself with Music

Everyone always says “Use your words” when telling someone to explain how they’re feeling. Unfortunately, more often than not we just can’t figure out how. So rather than struggling to search for exactly what to say, maybe it’s time you learn a new way of expressing yourself. Benefits of learning the piano have been researched […]

Sight-Reading: Ties Explained

I hope you’re enjoying our new sight-reading course! As you become familiar with music notation you will notice that there are many different kinds of musical marks and symbols across the sheet music. Music notation, also called staff notation, is full of these symbols and marks because they are used to guide you along the […]

Join in the Celebration: World Music Day 2017

In a world with thousands of different languages, people from across the globe still come together to share in the power of music. Whether it be classical, jazz, rock, or pop, the message that music sends has no borders. It is the language of the soul in which we are all fluent regardless of the […]

Why Learn to play Piano? Benefits of Music Education

Apart from the beautiful music and inevitable applause that you will get from playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, learning how to play the piano can actually have positive long-lasting effects. From scoring you a few extra IQ points to relieving your stress, maybe these 5 benefits of music education will urge you to start learning how […]