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Learn Piano on iPad – Skoove Launching on iOS

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Learn piano on iOS! Skoove launches on iPad. Available to download for free on iPad from within the Apple App Store now.

Since our launch in 2015 as web-based platform we have provided over 250,000 piano lessons. To beginners and players with existing experience, across 187 countries. Now, with the ability to learn the piano anywhere with the aid of an iPad, Skoove is making the steps to achieving proficiency in piano-playing even easier.

Unlike many other music-learning apps, Skoove’s virtual guide takes the learner through every lesson. While providing real-time feedback, which listens to the player as they practice. Skoove teaches the player all elements of piano learning, including technique, improvisation and music theory.


Why use Skoove?

Skoove gives its users the opportunity to learn the piano from the comfort of their own homes, without having to attend lessons, while also cutting the costs of expensive one-on-one tuition provided by private tutors. In London, a lesson can average £38 an hour (ISM survey, BBC) while in the US, the price can range from $70 an hour (M.Steinert & Sons) to $100 an hour (Levine Music), depending on the qualification level of the tutor.

94% of our students surveyed, reported that they would recommend the platform to their friends, after finding it enjoyable to use and effective in results. Skoove is a virtual music instructor that democratises music learning.

The new iOS app works completely cable-free, requiring only an iPad and piano or keyboard with audio output, with a growing catalogue of over 250 lessons to choose from.

Renowned music institutions such as the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, have contributed their educational expertise to ensure Skoove’s piano lessons meet the needs of players of all levels. By using data gathered from its users to improve the learning experience effectively, Skoove is already turning beginners into piano experts step by step.

Sir Mark Featherstone-Witty OBE, Founding Principal and CEO of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) comments: “Skoove, which provides quality tailored learning that is affordable and accessible, allows our students to develop their musical skill set, and, crucially, have fun while doing so.”


How It Works?

Pitch detection and instant feedback

The cutting-edge technology in the app, co-developed with experts from Fraunhofer IDMT (best known for co-creating the MP3 method for audio data compression), detects the sound of up to 10 simultaneous notes played on a piano or keyboard through the iPad’s in-built microphone. The note that is played is highlighted on-screen as Skoove gently guides users to play the melody correctly and confidently, until they are ready to move onto the next step. If an incorrect note is played, Skoove will show users where they are making mistakes, and encourage them until they are ready to move onto the next step, adapting to the needs of each player. Working cable-free, Skoove’s audio analysis means that the learning process is completely wireless and works with every keyboard or piano.

Music Theory

Skoove slowly and unobtrusively introduces concepts without the student being aware that they are ‘learning’. Easy-to-follow, real-time sheet music is clear and simple to understand, meaning that beginners can pick up and read sheet music from lesson one. Skoove regularly adds more courses that contain its distinctive mix of popular songs, as well as the classical pieces, and music theory tips and techniques.

Composition and improvisation

Skoove also provides the students with the opportunity to develop their love of music further, teaching a vast array of skills essential to any musician, such as composition and improvisation, enabling users to create their own masterpieces as they learn.


Skoove is available to download for free from the Apple App store worldwide in English and German. Beginners, refreshers, and intermediate players can try it out with free lessons and then upgrade to Skoove Premium to enjoy full access, one-on-one learning support, and exclusive content with new lessons and music theory tips.


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