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Skoove vs Flowkey

Skoove is the beginner-friendly Flowkey alternative

The main difference between Skoove and Flowkey is that Skoove makes piano learning more approachable for beginners. Everything from songs’ arrangements, to ear training, and hand technique starts at your skill level and grows with you.

Free access to all songs and piano lessons for 7 days

Skoove takes you from beginner to accomplished pianist


“That was taught really well, in a way that I could catch on quickly but separated enough so it wasn’t too much to take in. How encouraging! A quick, packed lesson. Thanks!”

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Beginners struggle with Flowkey

Flowkey expects beginners to take a shot at tough songs and lessons before they are ready. People get stuck, frustrated and abandon practising.

Skoove has a smooth learning curve

Skoove matches piano lessons to your level — whether you are a starter or a skilled player. The more fun you have with Skoove, the faster you master the piano.

Reviews say Flowkey can be too challenging

Verified Flowkey reviews

Verified App Store Review
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“I can't memorize pieces like this app is apparently expecting you to”
Verified App Store Review
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“It kills your momentum in playing”

Verified App Store Review
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“Totally stinks for beginner and intermediate students”

Verified App Store Review
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“There are only two speeds - super slow or super fast with nothing in between.”
Verified App Store Review
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“A lot of problems with the wait mode that make learning with this app incredibly more difficult.”
Verified App Store Review
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“Every time I use it, I feel more frustrated rather than having fun or learning to play something.”
Verified App Store Review
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“There is no way to gauge your current skill level and start from there.”

Verified App Store Review
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“The courses are good, but uneven with no directed progression.”

Flowkey vs Skoove

Skoove is built for piano players of all levels and backgrounds

Flowkey puts beginners under pressure

Many songs labeled for beginners are actually too difficult to play. Newcomers quit before they even get a chance to improve.

Skoove takes good care of beginners

Skoove students are happy to find song arrangements to be the perfect mix of challenging and doable for beginners.

Flowkey focuses on repetition

You’ll find yourself repeating notes over and over again. This is the standard learning method for Flowkey on all their lessons.

Skoove embraces all kinds of learning

Our piano lessons include visual tips and cues. You can learn music theory or improvise. You get to improve your technique and train your ear as well.

Flowkey choose a path for you

You can only move in a single direction with Flowkey. If you don’t finish the lessons as presented, you can’t unlock new experiences.

Skoove lets you choose how to learn

We show you the right path if you want guidance. But all of our lessons are unlocked, giving you full freedom to test different skills.

How Skoove makes learning piano easier

Support for visual learners

Get visual cues on which notes to play, where to position hands, and how to improve your technique.

Easy to navigate

You won’t feel lost going from one lesson to the next one or finding your favorite artists to jam to.

Learn by ear

We focus on training your ear. When you “get” what you are playing, you can absorb new skills faster.

Flowkey vs Skoove

Features that make Skoove different from Flowkey

There’s an extra challenge to learning the piano without a live teacher. Make sure the app you choose supports your progress the right way.

“Listen and play” mode

Listen to a piece and then play it back without play along to perfect your ear training.

Band play along

Feel part of something bigger as you get to play the piano along other instruments.

Learn the piano without a piano teacher

Free lessons during the Corona outbreak


"I always wanted to play piano. This app not only makes it easy to learn, but VERY FUN! It will retain any student’s attention."

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Online piano apps

Head-to-head comparison


  • “Listen and play” mode
  • Band play along
  • Support from piano experts
  • Free plan
  • 8 free songs


  • “Listen and play” mode
  • Band play along
  • Support from piano experts
  • Free plan
  • 27 free songs

An alternative to Flowkey for all kinds of people

When you sit down with Flowkey after installing the app, the first song you’re asked to play is “Ode to Joy”. With Skoove, your first song is the main theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is not necessarily bad, but it speaks to what you can expect while learning the piano with each tool.

Flowkey feels more traditional and teaches how to play the piano with a classical approach.

Skoove is fun and inclusive. And it’s meant for everyone.

If you feel having a good time and playing your favorite songs is as important as leveling up your skills, we believe there’s no better way for you to learn the piano.

Give Skoove a try.


"I am really enjoying this app. The selection of tunes is fantastic and the teaching format makes learning fun and easy!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can use Skoove with any acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard. The app listens to the notes you are playing via your phone, tablet or computer microphone or by using a USB/MIDI cable. And if you don’t own a keyboard, you can start learning the piano using the virtual on-screen keyboard.

As an online piano learning app, Skoove gives you immediate feedback while playing the piano. It listens to the music through your phone, tablet or computer microphone and interprets the notes you want to play. If there’s background noise, the app might have a hard time picking up the right notes. The best way to learn piano with Skoove is in a quiet room or using a USB or MIDI keyboard that you can connect directly to your device.

Skoove works with PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. All acoustic and digital pianos and keyboards are compatible on any device and can be connected via a USB or MIDI cable. We are launching an Android app in early 2021.

Yes, you can sign up and get lifetime access to our free plan. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are making some of our premium content available for free. Here’s what’s included in our current free plan:

  • Our full beginner piano course
  • 27 songs
  • Free access to Premium for teachers and educational institutions

Learn more about our COVID-19 plan here.

A Skoove Premium subscription unlocks all content. You can get started with a monthly subscription plan or evaluate other payment options:

  • 1 Month Plan $19.99
  • 3 Month Plan $39.99
  • 12 Month Plan $119.99

All users have access to a 7-day free trial of Skoove Premium. Once the trial is over, you can upgrade and unlock:

  • A rich, curated catalog of music with over 400 lessons and some of the best piano songs.
  • One-on-one support: real piano instructors are on hand to answer questions.
  • New lessons and tracks added monthly.

One of the best ways to learn piano is playing along your favorite tunes and artists. Skoove’s offers an extensive song library for both adults and kids, that makes piano practice a lot of fun. Our library includes:

  • Contemporary music
  • Rock, pop and electronic hits
  • Classical music
  • Jazz classics
  • Children tunes
  • Many more

One of our core principles as an online piano tool is empowering you to understand and master the piano, without having to rely on the app forever. As part of this journey, our courses will show you how to read sheet music and understand music theory. But don’t worry, we’ll help you get there step by step.

Sight-reading is definitely not needed, especially if you are a beginner that wants to learn to play the basics.

Absolutely. Skoove is a very beginner-friendly app, constantly adapting the best way to learn that matches your skills. Our content will take you from an early learner to someone that can sit at the piano and play confidently.

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