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Skoove vs Simply Piano

Skoove is the Simply Piano alternative that adapts to you, not the other way around

The main difference between Skoove and Simply Piano is that Skoove builds the whole learning experience around your skills. It makes learning smooth by listening to how you play, providing instant feedback and adapting lessons to your level.

Free access to all songs and piano lessons for 7 days

Skoove moves at your speed


“I have tried so many different apps to help learn piano and none compare to this.
I can play for as long as I like and I’m able to learn at my own pace.”

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the App Store


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Learning to play with Simply Piano can be challenging

Simply Piano puts you on a rigid learning path. Unless you “unlock” new lessons, you can’t progress. Which can make the whole experience demotivating.

Skoove makes learning enjoyable

Each person is different and we celebrate that. Skoove suggests lessons to upgrade your unique skills, but you are also free to choose your own path.

Reviews say Simply Piano is too rigid

Verified Simply Piano reviews

Verified App Store Review
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“It is frustrating. I have to play the key multiple times to move on.”

Verified App Store Review
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“I would love to just pick the songs I want to learn. No, I’m not interested in Ode to Joy again.”
Verified App Store Review
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“This app will assume you know absolutely nothing and make you go through everything.”
Verified App Store Review
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“There’s no way to rehearse that spot you always miss at the end except to waste another 5 minutes in the tutorial…”
Verified App Store Review
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“I didn’t need it making it SO FRUSTRATING to keep having to repeat this painfully slow practice mode.”
Verified App Store Review
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“I know some piano and was a little frustrated that I couldn’t jump ahead to where I struggle.”
Verified App Store Review
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“The practice mode comes in ALL THE TIME! And I just wanna play without all the stopping for practice mode.”
Verified App Store Review
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“Having songs locked behind courses is frustrating.” ‏‎ ‎
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Skoove vs Simply Piano

Skoove unleashes your creativity, instead of holding you back

Simply Piano can feel like a game

It’s good to know you are making progress but getting happy sounds as you hit the right notes gets old pretty fast.

Skoove celebrates music

We take your connection with music seriously. Professional musicians arrange all of our tracks and lessons for you to enjoy while learning.

Simply Piano relies too much on play along

Constantly learning with a play along track distracts you from listening to yourself.

Skoove trains your ear, not just your hands

Develop your musical talent by listening to yourself without distractions. Actually learn how to play the piano instead of simply mimicking notes.

Man playing piano with closed eyes

Simply PIano users often feel stuck

Practice mode makes you repeat the same song over and over. You can’t move forward unless you complete each lesson and unlock new ones.

Skoove puts you in control

Get full access to every lesson in your plan. Choose what you want to work on first and your favourite songs to play. Or follow our suggested learning paths to build up skills confidently.

Three ways Skoove makes learning piano different

man playing piano

Feel free to improvise

Learn improvisation from the beginning and develop your musical talent.

Man learning piano with Skoove

“Listen and play” mode

Listen to a piece and then play it back without play along to perfect your ear training.

We care about music

Our lessons are arranged by music pros to help you train your ear as you play each note.

Learn the piano without a piano teacher

Free lessons during the Corona outbreak


"Easy and fun. Never thought learning an instrument could be so fun! Skoove does a great job at teaching while keeping me interested."

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Skoove vs Simply Piano

Get more out of your Skoove subscription

Simply Piano

  • 3 months minimum
  • No dekstop app
  • No "listen and play" mode
  • No support from piano experts
  • Subscription limited to certain songs and lessons
  • Learning flexibility limited and won't let you skip ahead


  • Pay month by month
  • Dekstop app available
  • "Listen and play" mode available
  • Support from piano experts
  • Full access to +400 piano lessons & songs with your subscription
  • Learn at your own speed, repeat lessons as many times as you want

An alternative to Simply Piano for people that take piano seriously

Skoove might not be as popular as Simply Piano but there’s a very strong reason why.

Simply Piano has a gamified approach to learning piano, which appeals to a broader group of users. But there’s little effort in teaching you the fundamentals of music.

Skoove was founded by lifelong musicians. Our focus is on musicality, technique, and ear-training. This makes some lessons a bit more challenging to certain people. But we believe there’s no better way for you to learn piano.

If your goal is to really understand the instrument and being able to play music after you close the app, make sure you pick the company that’s driven by the right philosophy.

Give Skoove a try.


"WOW. I had no idea I'd be able to teach myself an instrument without a teacher."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can use Skoove with any acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard. The app listens to the notes you are playing via your phone, tablet or computer microphone or by using a USB/MIDI cable. And if you don’t own a keyboard, you can start learning the piano using the virtual on-screen keyboard.

As an online piano learning app, Skoove gives you immediate feedback while playing the piano. It listens to the music through your phone, tablet or computer microphone and interprets the notes you want to play. If there’s background noise, the app might have a hard time picking up the right notes. The best way to learn piano with Skoove is in a quiet room or using a USB or MIDI keyboard that you can connect directly to your device.

Skoove works with PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. All acoustic and digital pianos and keyboards are compatible on any device and can be connected via a USB or MIDI cable. We are launching an Android app in early 2021.

Yes, you can sign up and get lifetime access to our free plan. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are making some of our premium content available for free. Here’s what’s included in our current free plan:

  • Our full beginner piano course
  • 27 songs
  • Free access to Premium for teachers and educational institutions

Learn more about our COVID-19 plan here.

A Skoove Premium subscription unlocks all content. You can get started with a monthly subscription plan or evaluate other payment options:

  • 1 Month Plan $19.99
  • 3 Month Plan $39.99
  • 12 Month Plan $119.99

All users have access to a 7-day free trial of Skoove Premium. Once the trial is over, you can upgrade and unlock:

  • A rich, curated catalog of music with over 400 lessons and some of the best piano songs.
  • One-on-one support: real piano instructors are on hand to answer questions.
  • New lessons and tracks added monthly.

One of the best ways to learn piano is playing along your favorite tunes and artists. Skoove’s offers an extensive song library for both adults and kids, that makes piano practice a lot of fun. Our library includes:

  • Contemporary music
  • Rock, pop and electronic hits
  • Classical music
  • Jazz classics
  • Children tunes
  • Many more

One of our core principles as an online piano tool is empowering you to understand and master the piano, without having to rely on the app forever. As part of this journey, our courses will show you how to read sheet music and understand music theory. But don’t worry, we’ll help you get there step by step.

Sight-reading is definitely not needed, especially if you are a beginner that wants to learn to play the basics.

Absolutely. Skoove is a very beginner-friendly app, constantly adapting the best way to learn that matches your skills. Our content will take you from an early learner to someone that can sit at the piano and play confidently.

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