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Celebrate your mom with Mother’s Day Songs on piano

mothers day songs

For Mother’s Day, it is common to give your mom a cute card or some flowers and chocolates. But this year think about making a personal and uplifting program of songs you can play that your mom would enjoy. If you decide that part of your gift to your mom this year is to play her some songs on the piano, here are some great ideas to help you create your program of Mother’s Day songs and get you practicing!

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“Walking on Sunshine”

This upbeat, toe-tapping song will surely put a smile on your mom’s face and will likely get her up and dancing as well. “Walking on Sunshine” was composed by Kimberley Rew for his group Katrina and the Waves in 1983 and has been used in numerous films and commercials. Playing this song will go down well and should definitely be included on your program of Mother’s Day songs!

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“Für Elise”

Mothers love to hear their children play piano, whatever age they are. If you haven’t already learned one of the most famous songs for the piano, “Für Elise” by Beethoven, this would be a good way to make your mom proud this Mother’s Day! This song is powerful and moving and is a great way to show your mother all the wonderful skills you have developed on the piano! It is among the most beautiful piano songs of all time. She will be so proud to hear you perform this iconic piece of piano repertoire as one of your songs for Mother’s Day.

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“Mamma Mia!”

Mamma Mia! is another great favorite with moms.  If your mom is a fan of ABBA and the movie Mamma Mia!, then this song would be a natural choice to add to your songs for Mother’s Day. Studying this song is also a great way to learn how to make a song. ABBA landed a huge hit with this one! Learn their styles and maybe you could too! That would really make mom proud on Mother’s Day!

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Clair de Lune

The dreamy piano style of Claude Debussy works wonders to ease stress and promote relaxation and reverie. Share this peaceful and calming atmosphere with your family for Mother’s Day, and you will be sure to lighten the mood and bring good energy to your gathering! For some awesome inspiration, play this performance by the wonderful female pianist Claude Debussy. This is a great piece that your mother will remember the whole year!

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Disney always works

Moms tend to love everything Disney. The Lion King is often a favorite, especially if your mother has seen the unforgettable live stage show. Learning to play one of the best known songs from the movie, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, with music by Elton John will certainly add a nice touch to your Mother’s Day piano performance. This one is among the best piano love songs of all time.

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Another incredibly endorphin-boosting song, “Happy”,  written by Pharrell Williams especially for the film “Despicable Me 2”,  is a must on Mother’s Day. The title, “Happy” is sung out 56 times during the song, so you can’t help but be happy by the end of it. If you want to make your mother happy on Mother’s Day, play her “Happy” as one of your Mother’s Day songs!










Traditionally, Mother’s Day is a day off for mothers everywhere. We might take her out for lunch to show our appreciation for all she does every other day. Sometimes we take over some of the chores with varying degrees of success. Bryant Oden used this idea for inspiration to write “A Mother’s Day Song.” So whether you are an accomplished pianist or just starting out, pick some of our carefully selected songs for Mother’s Day and play it for your mother this year.


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Author of this blog post:

Georgina st george

Georgina St George has been playing piano most of her life. She has a thriving piano school on the south coast of England. She loves to infuse her students with her passion for music, composing and performing. Her music has been featured on over 100 TV shows and her musicals have been performed in New York and London’s West End.

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