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4 Tips to Learn Piano Effectively

Learn piano with Skoove

Our students often ask us, “What’s the easiest and fastest way to learn piano?”. It’s with Skoove, of course ;-).  We’ve designed the app so that you can learn piano at your own pace, get real-time feedback, learn the proper techniques, and dive into a deep catalogue of songs with our fun online piano lessons. It’s very easy to get started!

While there’s no substitute for practicing – sorry folks! – here are some effective tips to help you along your journey towards learning the piano. I’m sure it will be a very exciting one!

  1. Be patient with yourself while practicing. It takes time for your brain and muscles to connect. Did you know that sleeping between practices helps you make faster progress? Take a nap!
  1. Practice slowly to avoid mistakes. Your brain will remember mistakes faster when you have an emotional outburst (“Arghhh, no”). Rather practice slowly and feed your brain the correct information, then give it positive affirmation like “Yeahhhh, I’m a piano genius!”
  1. Make a schedule to practice piano each week, start out with 15 minutes every other day (Though I bet it will turn out to be at least 30 once you start playing!) and work your way up to practicing every day! By setting easy goals, you can avoid associating practising piano with “pressure” or discomfort. Besides, your to-do list is long enough already. Playing piano should be the fun part of your week!And now you can add your piano practicing goals to a Google Calendar, which automatically finds the time to schedule your goals.
  1. Be comfortable playing the piano piece before you move on to the next challenge. Learn to play the piece in time. Also try to play the piece by heart; that’s the best indication that you’re more than ready for the next song. Plus you’ll impress your listeners by not needing a musical score in front of you and hear them say, “Wow, he really IS a piano genius”.

Learning to play the piano is a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience. Why not start today with our online piano lessons?

Happy playing,



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