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Why you should consider learning with a piano app

piano app

Up until recently, the only way to learn tactile skills like the piano was to sign up for a local course or hire a private teacher. But nowadays, it seems that learning any new skill is something that everyone prefers to do in the privacy of their own homes as a post-work relaxation activityHere are three reasons why a piano app can be the best thing possible for your piano learning dreams come true.


1. Learning with a piano app will get you hooked for days

Needless to say, in-person piano lessons offer an irreplaceable human-to-human connection necessary for indulging in the arts. But what happens when your weekly hour is up? Regardless of how passionately invested you were while playing during your lesson, the hustle and bustle of your commute home will easily return you to the stresses of daily life and make you think: “What’s next?”

Working through a lesson on Skoove in the comfort of your own home, you can get as immersed in playing as you want to without the worry of being interrupted by arbitrary units of time. So what if you want to play a piece of music over and over for five hours after mastering the intro? Who’s to tell you no? With no schedule to follow, your creative juices can run wild and any epic discoveries you come across need not be put on hold.

“Many of my friends were a bit skeptical about learning piano with an app. But just a few minutes into trying and experiencing the interactivity the app offers, they played their first melody and could not let go of the keys.”,  explains Dominik Schirmer, Director Instrumental Teaching at Skoove.

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2. A piano learning app is the most patient teacher in the world

“I talk frequently to Skoove users. Many say, they love Skoove, because the app is the “most patient and flexible teacher in the world”. Learning with the app means there is no risk to fail or get embarrassed in front of a teacher or an audience.”

The bravado that comes with childhood learning is something you might not miss until it’s gone. Nowadays, learning a new skill can be intimidating and the concept of failure also more daunting.

Choosing the best piano apps adds a unique dimension to your musical journey. But with a piano learning app, who are you really trying to please? You can learn at your own pace and then approach others with your finished product. Your piano playing never needs to see a live audience until you are ready.



To err is human and so is to judge. So no matter how patient your teacher is, you may fear to drive your teacher insane and get embarrassed, because you did not practice enough. An app like Skoove is built to stop and start whenever you need it to. We all have those stubborn parts of lessons that just don’t seem to click despite our best efforts. No need to panic. Zero in on whatever portion of the lesson you need to and replay it until it starts to make sense. Even try stepping away from the keyboard to play the lesson to see if a removed perspective might bring the clarity you need.


3. You decide when to play piano

“ Users love the flexibility Skoove offers in wherever, whenever and whatever to learn.”

What if when talking about your piano aspirations at a gathering, someone talks about mastering the introduction to “Mad World” and you’re curious to try it out? There’s no need to convince your teacher or worry that you might be stepping outside of the appropriate material. Go for it and keep your interest piqued by choosing lessons in order of how much they appeal to you! Skoove offers a large variety of songs to learn and lessons centered around specific techniques that might interest you. So don’t hesitate to dive in and become an expert in the areas that speak to you the most.


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