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World Music Day and How to Enjoy it in 2020

World Music Day takes place every year on 21st June and musicians – both amateur and professional – take part all over the world.

It began in 1982 in France as te de la Musique and has grown year by year into the global event it is today.  Normally, the concerts are free and take place in the streets or parks where people are enjoying and celebrating the summer solstice.     

What’s new in 2020

2020 promises to be the biggest World Music Day ever because of the possibility so many music events will take place online, making it so much more accessible to reach so many more people all around the world. 

There are numerous World Music Day events taking place this year.  If you like to sing, join a choir or singing workshop.  If you play an instrument, you can join in with an orchestra,  perform  your own live-stream concert on social media, or do both!  Why not take part in “Live From Home” or check out the “Global Livestream” which livestreams performances from all around the world all day long.

There will be free online music lessons for piano, guitar, singing, and even bite-sized music theory lessons.  You can sign up to take the lessons or give lessons if you’re a teacher. 

There will also be music video premieres, cello masterclasses and choirs composed of people from different countries. 

Find your location on the USA Make Music Day website, click on it and see what events are happening in your area, as well as what you can take part in.  Online events mean you’re not restricted to events happening in your home town!

In the UK, Make Music Day is the place to go to find events and sign up for them.  If you’re performing on 21st June, you can list your event here. 

Bash the Trash is another way to participate in World Music Day.  It’s a wonderful initiative that encourages taking trash and making it into unique instruments.  It links to environmental awareness as well as the social aspect of making music.

Window Serenades is a chance for facilities that care for vulnerable people to get live music played outside their window by taping a piece of brightly colored paper to their window.  Participating musicians will stroll from venue to venue to stand outside and perform.

Music has always been vital to humans, not only for enjoyment, but also for physical and mental health.  Playing an instrument does wonders for your brain function.  Learning and practicing focuses your mind, taking it away from stressful situations or worries for a while.

Even if you don’t play, just listening to music can have a similar effect, and feeling involved with a live concert raises happiness levels.  In a very real way, the comforting, consoling nature of music is what the world needs now more than ever.

Now that we’ve all become accustomed to functioning online like never before – whether taking or giving lessons over Zoom or visiting with family via Skype or Facetime – we’ve all got better at it.  We’ve learned how to get the best out of technology, so get ready to take advantage of all that’s on offer this summer.


If you’d like to get a head start on the piano, why not learn to play a few popular songs before World Music Day.  

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