How Skoove can help you teach

When it comes to learning music, keeping your students focused can be tricky. Whether you’re explaining new concepts in one-on-one tuition, or trying to avoid the distractions of a classroom full of excited new musicians, sometimes we all need a little help.

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Here’s how we can get the best out of your teaching


Skoove allows you to maximise precious learning time by keeping students engaged and focused on the task at hand


With hundreds of popular songs covering fundamentals to advanced theory, Skoove helps you deliver truly inspiring lessons


The Skoove Lesson Library lets you teach strategically. It’s built on proven methods, and endorsed by real-world teachers


Keep the momentum going outside the classroom. Skoove consolidates your teaching, even when you’re not there in person

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Take your teaching to the next level

Every student is unique. Every class is different. The one constant is you. As a music teacher, you are always giving your best for your students, and thinking of the right way to communicate your passion for music. Sometimes, it can be tough. What do you do when the class attention drifts, or when a student is stumbling over a particular hurdle?

Skoove gives you that helping hand to maximise your efforts, and to provide a more effective and fun lesson for your students. Skoove allows students to learn faster, it improves their motivation, and it’s always on hand as a learning companion for the times when you can’t be there.

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Made by professionals and approved by top teachers

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what other teachers say about us

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In class and at home benefits


Customize your students’ learning experience by taking advantage of Skoove’s vast catalog of lessons, subjects and songs

Achieve learning outcomes quicker by optimizing time spent in class, with Skoove acting as your teaching assistant

Allow all your students to progress, regardless of differing skill levels across one class

Keep your students in learning mode with inspiring band play-alongs and interactive exercises


Keep momentum going from your class activity, all the way to the students’ home. Skoove is fun, friendly, and available 24/7

Avoid wrong practice and bad habits during home studies. Skoove guides students with over a thousand hand technique videos

Band-Mode allows students to taste the thrill of playing in a live band, all from the comfort of their own home

Skoove’s 21st century technology excites and inspires students. It’s learning, for a new generation

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Skoove is the fastest and most extensive platform to learn the art of playing piano. Have fun with our interactive lessons and become the pianist you’ve always dreamed of!

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