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Skoove is an innovative music technology startup based in Berlin, one of the fastest growing and most exciting startup hubs in the world. We make interactive music learning apps and in September 2015, we launched our first product - interactive online piano lessons.

Our core team consists of five passionate, highly-skilled experts, with more than 80 years combined experience in music, technology, and education. Our co-founders, Florian and Stephan, have strong track records both in founding and growing companies and in releasing inspiring products.

Come join our team and help us achieve Skoove's goal: making music education fun, effective, and accessible to everyone!

Open Positions

Skoove ist eine spielerische und effektive Musik-Lern-Plattform. Wir bieten interaktive online Klavier-Kurse an. Mit Skoove kann wirklich jeder Klavier spielen lernen. Fang jetzt an!

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EU Skoove wird gefördert mit Mitteln des EU Fonds für regionale Entwicklung.