The easiest way to learn piano

  • In-depth online courses that adapt and give feedback
  • For beginners, refreshers, and intermediate players
  • Play your first melody in just minutes
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Learning piano has never been so easy

Skoove shows you exactly how to play. Step by step, you can achieve your musical goals. Play your piano or digital keyboard - no cables required.

Skoove adapts to your pace

You set the tempo you’ll learn at. Skoove listens to your performance and gives real-time feedback. Enjoy relaxed and effective piano learning.

Comprehensive courses with your favorite songs

Play anything from current chart hits to classical music from day one.

Learn to read scores and understand music theory in small easy steps.

Skoove teaches you correct technique using the latest methods in music education.

Make your musical dreams come true

Anyone can learn to play piano with Skoove. It’s available from anywhere, 24/7. Start playing today!


Giulia - Pisa

"I recently discovered Skoove and am really happy with my progress, learning a few bars to playing 'Lean on Me' in just a couple of days. I didn’t realise how musical I could be ;-)."


Thorsten - Cologne

"I liked the fact that music theory is taught in an understandable way. It’s very intuitive and I can see myself achieving literacy with notes in the future - something I’d never imagined being able to do."


Julian - Berlin

"I’m really enjoying Skoove! It’s very interactive and I’ve found that the lessons are easy to follow. I also like how it breaks the songs into smaller parts which helps me learn them much faster."


Eugene - Tokyo

"Amazing service, seriously! I was about to hire a home tutor to help me with notation and composition, but this feels quicker and easier."

Get ready to Skoove!

Skoove is a fun and effective music learning platform that offers interactive online piano courses. With Skoove, anyone can learn to play. Start your piano learning journey now!

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